Lama di Luna presents the artorks of ANDREA PACANOWSKI
Lama di Luna presents the artorks of ANDREA PACANOWSKI

Andrea Pacanowski was born in Rome in a family characterized by a strong artistic sensibility: his father was architect, his aunt an “École de Paris” painter, his grandmother a sculptor. On these grounds he constructed his path: he graduated at the artistic lyceum and started to rise through the ranks in Alberta Tiburzi studio, an Italian photographer internationally known.

He is then a fashion photographer for more than 20 years. He worked in Italy and abroad, mostly in Canada and in the United States, affirming his creativity working for editorials (Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue, Cosmopolitan), publishing photographic shoots and advertising campaigns. He currently lives and works in Rome.

In 2008, from his continuous experimentation in constant dialogue with the trends of the contemporary art panorama, he starts his evolution and technical research in which photography seems to mix with painting in a union, which from virtual becomes real and tangible. The photographic language becomes so exasperated to lead to the creation of tridimensional, original and unique picturesque images.

From the use of an absolutely unusual technique, where the photograph remains itself without any intervention of post-production, infinite solutions are born in which the picture turns into a painting (piece of art).

This photographic technique, complex and elaborated, has been developed also at audiovisual level, with the added value of movement, dynamics and sound, as in the video installation “Acquario”. Looking for the right light, the alignament of shapes, the colour mix, the best point of view, the video shows his artistic photographic experience.